The Bible calls the Gospel "of first importance" (1 Cor. 15:3-4), which means that the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ is the primary and central truth in all of Scripture. "Gospel-centeredness" is a way of speaking of the primacy and necessity of the Gospel in the believer's life. The Gospel is not only the means for our justification by faith alone, it is also the means of our sanctification by faith alone. Understanding the wonders and mysteries of the death and resurrection of Christ - how this relates to our Christian life and mission as a church - is our joyful pursuit. The following articles, books, and sermons have tremendously impacted our church family towards a greater faith and love for our precious Savior, Jesus Christ!


Gospel Indicatives/Imperatives Chart
  • This chart provides a visual of the relationship between Gospel indicatives and Gospel imperatives and the role of faith/joy in both.

Gospel-Driven Sanctification
  • Written by Jerry Bridges, this article aids the believer on how to grow in sanctification by the power of the Gospel.

Honey Out of the Rock
  • Written by Thomas Wilcox, a 16th C. Puritan pastor, this sermon helps Christians to rest on the righteousness of Christ alone for all things.

What is Gospel Centeredness?
  • This paper gives an overview of the critical importance of Gospel-centeredness and how the Bible fully and clearly supports being "Gospel-centered."


A Gospel Primer by Milton Vincent
  • This little book is packed with amazing Gospel truths and designed for Christians to preach the Gospel to themselves everyday.
For Your Joy
  • This little booklet by John Piper answers key questions about God and provides the biblical pathway to salvation.
God Is the Gospel by John Piper
  • A pivotal book on the greatest gift of the Gospel, God Himself, and why this is essential to saving faith.
The Bookends of the Christian Life by Jerry Bridges
  • This book gives a helpful summary of the critical role of the Gospel in our sanctification, namely in the role of justification by faith and the work of the Holy Spirit.